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So many of us struggle with:

  • Not being able to discuss money comfortably and charge what we are worth
  • Not knowing how to actually attract clients who are willing and able to pay our full fees
  • Setting boundaries around both time and money leading to resentment and burnout
  • Not knowing where and how to get new full fee clients
  • Feeling resentment when we are overworking and being underpaid
  • Not knowing why our colleagues are able to get their full fees and tons of referrals but we aren't

If  Any of This Describes Where You Are Now, You've Come to the Right Place

Hi, I’m Rachael. I am passionate about helping other psychotherapists, healers, and coaches create 6 and multiple 6 figure businesses with ease no matter what conditions are happening in our changing times.  Over the course of my career, I have developed a complete Blueprint for therapists, healers, and coaches to attract their ideal clients, set pricing that feels good to them, learn how to multiply their income streams and reach, and have impactful transformational sessions every time.
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Rachael Berezin
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“It's hard to trust that there are people out there that have a holistic and spiritual edge that matches mine, which is something that appeals to me both in clients and the people I surround myself with.
I think during this time, especially, it's really helpful to have communities and a place to learn and grow as a therapist, so it was helpful and validating to get to work with Rachael in this way.
I definitely have more clients now. I am making more money now. Because I have more clarity, I feel like it was worth the investment to even just gain that confidence, that things are starting to happen and that they are working in my favor. ”

Here is what Imani Tutt has to say about the Thriving Practice Success School. 

Rachael Berezin
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“Rachel’s program is a very good starting point for therapists looking to get into private practice because it really is teaching a whole different mindset. I was in an agency before this and worked in schools, and private practice just feels so much different… you're more on your own and independent, so it's nice to have a support system in Rachael as well.”