Why I do what I do-the spiritual reason

Aspiring beam of light Unnierese
To be honest, my choice to work with therapists in lieu of a number of any other groups has not been easy.  It is a choice that I need to keep making because I am extremely easily distracted and have shiny object syndrome in a big way. It can be so hard for my ADHD brain to stick with one thing, one group, one single-minded purpose.

Here's the thing though, all of my inspiration, words and ideas are to help therapists step into their worth. As I was tuning in to source energy during an automatic writing experience, I was trying to find some direction and help to me move forward as I've been stuck in indecision and inaction lately. Does that ever happen to you? My main point of resistance  is that it seems like helping therapists to make more money and to step into their worth and confidence is not that spiritual and I consider myself to be a very spiritual person. Also self doubt, fear of being seen, and fear of frustration, anger, and negativity, in general, has kept me stuck in a big way-anyone relating here?

Here is the answer I received from my angels and spirit team:
Choose the most fun path and the path with the least resistance in it-we know that for now it is the therapists. Helping the light workers with their work-the mental light workers, you have the words you have the ideas and you have a lot of different means to reach them and on that path try to help as many people as possible come into the light and come into their own worthiness but you know that as you are doing that you care-yes you do care about all beings and you know that the way-showers and light workers who are the most accessible must first come into their worthiness to be more ascended and to ascend the planet.

That really helped me line up in a big way but I would love to hear your thoughts on therapists being light workers. Do you consider yourself a light worker? As a light worker, what is stopping you from being in your own power and worthiness?

I would love to hear about it and if the timing is right, help you get unstuck using my gifts, talents, and connection to source energy. 
Feel free to contact me at rachael@rachaelberezin.com to connect and learn more :)