The Empowered Therapist's Guide to Claiming Your Worth


Therapists are in a difficult position. We need to be able to determine our worth and charge fair rates for our life-changing services without appearing too greedy or self-serving.

When I was in your shoes, I struggled to widen the gap between what I should be charging for my services and what I thought people were willing to pay.

"What if my clients get mad?"

"What if my colleagues judge me?"

"Or... What if I empowered myself by charging what I know I'm worth and what will allow me to have the thriving private practice of my dreams?"

That's the "what if?" we'll be focusing on today. In this article, I'm going to help you determine your worth as a therapist. Only you can claim your own worth, and I want to help you find the strength to do it!

How to Determine Your Worth as a Therapist

As a therapist, your worth is not determined by what your clients or insurance companies are willing to pay. The truth is, you should determine your own worth based on the value that your services bring to their lives.

We all do different types of work, with differing levels of expertise and skill. While you're in this profession to change lives, you need to remember that the most important life is your own. Your rates need to reflect the life that you want for yourself.

How Do You Value Your Time?

How you value your time will help you determine your rates. If you're the most affordable therapist available, you're unfortunately going to be the one working the longest days with the most demanding clients. Think about it, the only way for you to make more money each week would be to work more hours, which isn't ideal. 

How Do You Value Your Mental Health?

The more time you give to your practice, the less time you'll have for yourself. If you're working long hours just to get by, you won't even get to enjoy your time away from your practice. You'll be exhausted, stressed, and can even face burnout which can hurt your clients too.

How Do You Value Your Services?

Do you feel proud at the end of a session with a client? Are you seeing progress? Are you making an impact in their lives? If you're making positive changes in someone's life, why wouldn't that be worth top dollar? You are empowering your clients with every session, so it only makes sense that every session should also feel rewarding to you.

Your Practice, Your Way

How you value your time, services, mental health, and happiness will all play a role in how you determine your worth. You need to have clarity, a clear vision for your dream life as a therapist, so you have something to strive for as you evaluate what your rates should be.

As someone that's been in your shoes, I can help you figure all of this out and more. Schedule a complimentary strategy session with me today. We'll work together to establish some next steps so that you can feel empowered in your practice.