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My name is Rachael Berezin. I am a licensed clinical social worker, success and abundance coach, Angel guide, and an entrepreneur. I have a passion for helping other therapists , coaches, and healers create profitable practices that they love, with ease and confidence.

Over the course of my career, I have become obsessed with learning and implementing easy marketing strategies and having effective money conversations (that feel good) with new and established clients. 

I have developed protocols for therapists, coaches, and healers to attract their ideal clients, set fees that feel good to them and get those feel good fees, multiply their income streams and reach, bill out of network,  earn more money with fewer sessions, and have impactful transformational sessions every time.

When I first started my private practice, I felt alone and frankly incompetent on "private practice island." Despite years of post graduate training, multiple certifications, and even holding a faculty position at a post graduate institute, I did not feel like I knew what I was doing in my private practice.

I desperately wanted to help people feel better and not just vent but attain real change but I felt lost in my sessions. That lack of confidence translated into being up many nights worried that I had massively screwed up my sessions and to not attracting my ideal clients.

I was also struggling with a lifelong dysthymia that traditional talk therapy could never cure and I was about 20 lbs overweight after having a baby. While trying to lose weight, I discovered 2 tools (EFT Tapping and Guided visualization) which helped me lose the weight, cure the dysthymia almost instantly triple my private practice income! I also started utilizing tapping in my sessions with clients and we all started seeing REAL and lasting results. As the years went on and I went deeper into my spiritual journey, I started working with Angel and Oracle cards and I use these with my clients and students when wanted and needed.

Needless to say, my practice and confidence have transformed as well as my life. This is why I implement tapping, higher wisdom, AND guided visualization into my Abundant Private Practice Success School along WITH all of the systems, templates, scripts, marketing plans, and mindsets needed to turn your practice into a truly abundant and thriving practice that you love.

I am passionate about helping other psychotherapists, healers, and coaches practice with ease, confidence, and fun. I want to help you achieve your private practice goals, I want you to feel supported, confident, and successful, and I want to help provide THE BEST results for our clients together. 

If you want to see if I'm the right person to help you, click the button below to access my FREE 5-part Abundant Practice Ultimate Blueprint Training! It's gonna knock your socks off-promise!

Just in case you want a time line/credentials:

2002- Received MSW Simmons School of Social Work in Boston

2002-2006- Worked as a Social Worker in substance abuse, Juvenile Justice, Children and Family Mental Health

2004-2008- Post Graduate Training at the Ackerman Institute for the Family

2008-2011- Taught at the Ackerman Institute, Worked in the Intake Department at Ackerman and referred lots of clients to lots of therapists, Got certified in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

2011- Moved into full time private Practice and built it to 6 figures within a year seeing primarily couples and using out of network benefits and had a baby

2012-Came back to private practice and built to 6 figures again seeing couples and families (about 21 hours/week ending by 2:30 pm)

2012-2013-Discovered EFT Tapping and stopped doing couples work. Once again I built my individual hybrid therapy/coaching practice to 6 figures.

2013-I realized that I really liked business and wanted to have a bigger business than a therapy practice and that I seemed to be good at attracting money and clients. Enrolled and was fast tracked to be a Certified Success and Abundance Coach through EFT Master, Carol Look.


-Launched 5 different online courses including:

  • Out of Network Billing Course (2016)
  • EFT Tapping for Therapists Group (2020)
  • Thriving Practice Success School (2021)

-Coached numerous therapists, including many of my colleagues, on how to build and improve their practices.

-Opened and Expanded Brooklyn Hourly Offices-an Hourly Office space geared towards therapists-with a therapist colleague.

-Opened a full time office suite for therapists with a business partner.

I spent hundreds of thousands and dollars on coaching and business/marketing training so you don't have to!

Took the following Business/Marketing Courses:

  • 5 Star Client Attraction
  • Premium Package Mastery
  • Speak to Sell 
  • EMERGE Sales Training
  • Online Course Launch Challenge
  • Facebook, IG, Linked In, and YouTube Marketing with Billy Gene
  • Sales Full Stop
  • Sales Insight Lab
  • Individual Sales and marketing coaching and training

Took the following Professional/Personal Development Courses:

  • Hypnosis
  • Certified Success and Abundance Coach with EFT master Carol Look
  • Matrix Reimprinting
  • Certified Angel Guide
  • Certified spiritual Life Purpose Coach
  • Automatic Writing Adventure

Rachael Berezin
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“Through working with Rachael, I felt more able to have mastery over how I shaped my practice, including the schedule that I want to have, what I want to be doing, and how to structure things. In addition to clarifying the types of clients I want to work with, Rachael’s program helped me remember that I have power over the practice that I'm creating.”

Rachael Berezin
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“Because of my work with Rachael, I feel so much more confident about this new professional endeavor, knowing that I've always got someone I can reach out to for support. My favorite part about working with Rachael is that she seamlessly weaves together "internal" and "external work." She'll help me identify and overcome the inner obstacles I might be unconsciously carrying, in addition to helping me solve and address external issues. ”