Making the Switch to a Permanent Remote Practice

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Making The Switch To A Remote Private Practice

After spending well over a year running their private practice from their homes, some people are dying to get back into the office. On the other hand, so many professionals have truly found freedom and entrepreneurial spirit while working remotely. If you're in the second camp, then this post is for you!

What’s Holding You Back?

One thing that might be holding you back from committing to a fully remote practice is your existing client base. While so many have embraced this new virtual form of therapy, others are still demanding that in-person treatment. 

This puts you in a serious dilemma. You love the freedom, flexibility, and efficient use of your time that comes from doing remote sessions. You've even seen how it benefits so many of your clients where they often feel more comfortable while in their homes. No matter the benefits of remote treatment, there are still those few who KEEP asking when you're going back to the office. 

You may feel like you need to go back just for them. Whether it's fear or guilt that pushes you to go back into the office, neither one of those reasons will fulfill your dreams of expanding your business.  So what do you do if the fear of losing clients, or the dread of having to find new ones, holds you back from your goal of a remote and flourishing private practice?

The truth is, there are thousands of clients looking for the exact service that you're dreaming of providing! There is a reason that you want to use zoom. Not only is it more effective in practice, but it enables you to optimize your time and grow your business like never before. The more you learn to follow your own wishes and desires, the more potent and effective you become as a therapist. We work to help our clients find the strength and courage needed to follow their own inner vision and wisdom. We teach them to pursue their passion without letting fear, guilt, and limiting beliefs hold them back. It's time to practice what you preach and take a leap of faith away from the status quo.

My Remote Private Practice

I want you to know that your ambitions are achievable. I've been in your shoes, and I made it work! Here is my story. 

Way before Covid (like 3 years earlier!) I decided that I only wanted to work over Zoom, and, at that time, I had no desire to work evenings either. So what did I do? I told my clients. Most of them loved it, but there were those few that resisted. So, yes, I did lose some clients, which can feel like everyone's worst nightmare. With the clients I lost, I gained so much more! I had more time to dedicate to growing my practice and finding those clients that wanted to work with me on my own terms. When a meeting consult came in, I was upfront and clear about my desired working boundaries like set hours and virtual meetings. Some said no, which simply made room for the clients that did love my parameters. I didn't even consider them lost clients or missed opportunities; they simply weren't the right fit for me and my business. With my newfound flexibility in my private practice, I rented an apartment in the gulf coast Florida and spent half my time there. I gained that freedom that I was looking for while working with the clients I had always hoped to have.

You, too, can make your remote dreams a reality, and it isn't nearly as difficult or scary as you might think. 

10 Tips To Get You Started

  1. Make sure that it's crystal clear in your mind that this is what you want

Remote work might be my favorite, but it doesn't have to be yours. Reflect on what your ideal private practice is. Do you have a growth mindset? Do you want to reach more people and develop multiple revenue streams from the comfort of your home? Do you want the flexibility to work from anywhere, at any time? Determine what's best for you and what you want for your practice.

  1. Know that what you want also wants you

If it all sounds too good to be true, I promise you that it's all true, and it's entirely possible. There are so many clients that are relieved to not have to go into an office anymore. Many of your clients will be relieved once you've made the switch, and new clients will be excited to find a remote practice as well.

  1. Know that it’s in everyone's best interest 

I love remote work because it gives me more flexibility with my practice. Your clients will love it because it saves them time as well. So many of my clients have expressed that they actually feel more comfortable in their own homes than when we were in the office. 

  1. Be ok with losing some clients 

You will lose some clients. Remote sessions aren't for everyone, but your goal isn't to be for everyone either. Focus on the new clients you'll gain that love working remotely and watch your business thrive.

  1. Realize that most clients want to remain on Zoom

You might be surprised by how many clients will be relieved that you want to keep your sessions virtual. Covid really changed how we do business. So many people have turned to therapy in the last two years only to find that they prefer a Zoom session over a daunting in-person one.

  1. Tell your clients that you’re only doing Zoom

Be upfront with new and old clients. Don't try to be everything to everyone. Develop your practice the way you want to work and then set the right expectations from the beginning.

  1. Refer the others out

No one likes to turn away a client. It's in our nature to want to help, so know that you still can. Refer clients to other professionals in your field that can provide the schedule that person is looking for. 

  1. Know that better fitting clients will fill their slots

Anyone you turn away creates an opportunity for someone that is looking for exactly what you're offering. Know that the right clients for you are out there; you just need to develop your marketing systems so that they can find you. 

  1. Stay true to yourself and stand firm with your new boundaries

Don't let fear or guilt deter you from your goal. If you have a vision for your practice, do your best not to stray from the path. Be honest about your boundaries with new clients who approach you. Be prepared to accept whatever the outcome is and know that it’s best for both of you.

  1. Release the fear and guilt by using tried and true methods

If you're feeling overwhelmed and lack the confidence to follow through, practice EFT tapping, or your own treatment methodology to find relief. It's so important for you to reach that goal mindset in order to pursue this exciting new path. 

Are You Ready?

How are you feeling right now? Are you still a little hesitant to pursue a fully remote practice? Or, are you all in but just don't know where to start? I want to help you. Schedule a Private Practice Strategy session with me here, and I will be delighted to help you get started. If you've already chosen to go remote but need help attracting remote clients on your Psychology Today Profile, schedule a free profile review. I'll share some improvement tips that have helped me gain new clients. Everything you want for your practice is possible; you just need to have the right mindset and get started.